Experiments gone wrong, language differences and our life-styles

A man confessed to have stopped using his ARVs for homeopath because he believes that the human brain is strong enough to reverse any sickness that a human may have. i would say that this article is important in the community because there assure still people out there who are in denial about their HIV statuses, and this is putting other people in danger as they may practice unsafe sex and infect other people

Activate Newspaper states that Rhodes university is encouraging students to be taught Xhosa until they reach their honors. Zakeera Docrat is one of the students that the Department is proud of, as she started speaking Xhosa at a very young age. This is important because ea lot of people in this province are Xhosas’ but when they get to University, they feel like they have to speak English, and this is the point that Zakeera points out.


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